Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28 2009

Woke up pretty happy and energetic, which was great! Had an egg white, cheese ham sandwhich on wheat bread at work, with a Propel.

For lunch I had a medium size Cobb Salad with FF Italian dressing which I'm still burping up...LOL.

For mid snack after work I had 4 pieces of garlic cheese toast and a half order of french fries.

I really had dinner yet but will prolly make a sandwhich. I also had four adult beverages tonight after work!

Been not the best, but started out well. Will definitely give it another go tomorrow.

I am going to the gym Sunday to sign up, as soon as I get paid.

Take care,

e to win this fight! I'm off to work!


ily fight. I can't keep losing as in any fight things starts to swell like my legs, my stomach, my arms. I can't keep living this boxing lifestyle. I hav
Well I'm on my way to work. I haven't eaten anything but an egg white sandwhich sounds great! I'm hoping for a better day than yesterday! It is like a da

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello everyone,
Trying to update my blog via my cell phone. If this works then this could be the greatest invention.


July 23, 2009

Well a month has gone by, and where am I. What have I've been doing? I tell you it isn't good at all. Things are not well. Things are spinning out of control and there doesn't seem to be a stopping point. Food taste great, and comes in abundance. Food is everywhere I am. Food seems to find itself on my office desk, or at the Front Desk of the hotel I run. Or in my Director of Sales office. Food is where I like to be, it is comforting. Food jumps into my hand, and then my mouth, without me even knowing it.Okay so some people have a problem because they don't think before they say something. I don't think about what goes in the mouth before I start to crunch on it. Why is it I don't look, the weight is piling on like an extra all beef patty at McDonald's with extra sauce. Why will it just not stop. I dont' want to be like the people that I see, and I see in the mirror. It has to stop.My Director of Sales is looking to loose weight, and so I thought you know what it is time to get back on the band wagon and start this fight. It isn't easy by no means. Today I didn't start off too well as I had a Blueberry Bagel Breakfast sandwhich and cottage cheese with hot sauce. I did have a Propel while at work. I had a Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sub at Subway with a Diet Coke and Frito Lays. I went on a 3 mile bicycle ride, which I thought I was going to die on. Boy am I out of shape. I haven't had dinner, but wanted to make a comittment to better living. I have to do this for me, my girlfriend and eventually for the children I may have one day. Most importantly for MYSELF.Stay tuned for updates. Take care!N