Monday, July 27, 2009

July 23, 2009

Well a month has gone by, and where am I. What have I've been doing? I tell you it isn't good at all. Things are not well. Things are spinning out of control and there doesn't seem to be a stopping point. Food taste great, and comes in abundance. Food is everywhere I am. Food seems to find itself on my office desk, or at the Front Desk of the hotel I run. Or in my Director of Sales office. Food is where I like to be, it is comforting. Food jumps into my hand, and then my mouth, without me even knowing it.Okay so some people have a problem because they don't think before they say something. I don't think about what goes in the mouth before I start to crunch on it. Why is it I don't look, the weight is piling on like an extra all beef patty at McDonald's with extra sauce. Why will it just not stop. I dont' want to be like the people that I see, and I see in the mirror. It has to stop.My Director of Sales is looking to loose weight, and so I thought you know what it is time to get back on the band wagon and start this fight. It isn't easy by no means. Today I didn't start off too well as I had a Blueberry Bagel Breakfast sandwhich and cottage cheese with hot sauce. I did have a Propel while at work. I had a Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sub at Subway with a Diet Coke and Frito Lays. I went on a 3 mile bicycle ride, which I thought I was going to die on. Boy am I out of shape. I haven't had dinner, but wanted to make a comittment to better living. I have to do this for me, my girlfriend and eventually for the children I may have one day. Most importantly for MYSELF.Stay tuned for updates. Take care!N


Lynne said...


I'm so glad you are back and it is good that you are retrospective and see the need to take care of business before it takes care of you!

Do this for you and whatever it takes to improve your health. You deserve it!

Nathan said...


Why are your blogs private?

Joann said...

WOO HOO, NATHAN!!! Good choice to start again!! Don't let go!! You did a bike ride and that's GREAT!! You did pretty well on eating too, not too bad... no snacking!!

I'm doing well food wise, but still not getting in my activity!! I need to start doing that.... I need a bike... LOL!!

Good for you friend, keep it up!!