Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28 2009

Woke up pretty happy and energetic, which was great! Had an egg white, cheese ham sandwhich on wheat bread at work, with a Propel.

For lunch I had a medium size Cobb Salad with FF Italian dressing which I'm still burping up...LOL.

For mid snack after work I had 4 pieces of garlic cheese toast and a half order of french fries.

I really had dinner yet but will prolly make a sandwhich. I also had four adult beverages tonight after work!

Been not the best, but started out well. Will definitely give it another go tomorrow.

I am going to the gym Sunday to sign up, as soon as I get paid.

Take care,


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Joann said...

OK, it was that after work snack that threw you off track... don't buy french fries... once your past mcDonald's (or wherever), your PAST it. LOL!!

We had a lunch today at work... a great 'picnic' style lunch... with all the fattening foods you see at a picnic... the only thing I ate was green salad (no dressing) and some watermelon... that's all. I was STARVING by dinner!! LOL!! But I got through it!!