Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow I lost 4.8 lbs today that is a huge week for me. I worked out twice and really ate a lot of fresh vegetables from the local farmer down the road.
Well not feeling the best today. I woke up with a headache and now the sniffles. I think it has a lot to do with the weather here. Trying to stay strong!
Lost 4.8 lbs today! Off to the gym!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9 2009

Had a decent Saturday and am on track today. I'm starting Weight Watchers meetings. I am hoping these meetings will help me stay on track. They are on Sundays at 130pm and todays was canceled.

Sundays have also became the one day I cook for the week. I make about 6 to 8 meals. All I have to do is warm them up. If 5 days go by, I will freeze them and use them as Smart Ones but not with all that sodium. I also cost out all the points ahead of time, so I warm up the meal I know how many points are behind that lid.

I fell by cooking these meals they are saving me tons of money by not eating out. If you decide to eat out go to this website and get the nutritional information Great site (not mine). If you want the costs of my meal check out

Excited tostart another week of Weight Watchers with Weigh In on Wednesday.

Till Then,

Watching The Wrestler! Then I'm going to make a post!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking one more day off from the gym! Still a bit sore, but think tomorrow I'll be set to return! Hope you will go to a gym too!
I'm really excited to have this new blog with my girlfriend. We are in this fight together! We can share ideas, and share the benefits of being healthy.
Finally done with the workday! Off to home to work on dinner and making a healthy dinner with some veggies. It is great!
On task today! Will have about 20 points for dinner or close to.
Great weigh in today as this is my first week back on track -3.6 lbs! I'll take it an run

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Website Endorsed by ME!

My girlfriend and I have decided to create our own blog. This blog is dedicated to our weight loss together as a couple. We will share the good the bad and of course the ugly. Bottom line is we will support each other through this journey.

Come by and visit us at

She will list the ladies point of view and I will continue to give the guys point of view. We would love to hear from you, so stop by and say hi! Leave a note or two! If you are a couple join our weight loss challenge.

We can't wait to hear from you. Stop by and say HI!

Till Then,


August 4 2009

I had a great day for the most part, and learned something very important. Well going into dinner I had 22 points, and boy I never thought I would eat them all. I made Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes. Really all it is, chicken, tomato paste, and water. Can't be really bad right?

Wrong the one lb of ground chicken was almost 20 points, so making five servings turns out to be 4 points. Well I got a bit carried away and had three of them. Boy killing points away in the dinner hour. Well I have to say it is definitely a great alternative to having full flavored Sloppy Joes, but buyer be ware.

Tonight I cooked 8 ready to eat meals consisting of 4 oz of Chicken or Pork Chop. 1/2 cup of boiled potatoes, and 3/4 cup of mixed veggies that I made. Pointed them all out, and simply will place in the freezer in the next couple of days. Who needs Smart Ones when you can cook like this. It cost me $8.80 to make 8 meals at a cost of $1.10 per dinner, you can't buy Smart Ones that cheap!

Till then,

One last entry via text before back to work! So far I think I'm doing well with the new life, just going to take another day off from the gym. Be healthly!
New meal this morning!

I had egg white, cheese, lettuce and tomato on wheat toast. It was pretty good. Yesterday I had a wheat eggo waffle w berries n sf syrup

I went and got a bite to eat at the grocery store across the way and was fine. But during that whole time it was very scary.
I got out and started to feel light headed. Lost my energy quickly. I drank some water and about 30 minutes later I was fine. What a scare! To be continued...
I woke up Monday in A lot of pain. I was stiffer than plywood. I decided to go to the gym and sit in the whirlpool for 30 minutes. It felt great in there.
Something scary happened to me yesterday. I started back to the gym on Sunday! The trainer gave me an assessment and it lasted an hour of exercise. To be cont..
t. It came with a hard boiled egg, two pieces of tomato and cucumber. A piece of raisin toast! All priced for 7.45! What a bargin !
Went to one of my favorite restaurants today for lunch. They had a great grilled chicken plate. It was fantastic! It came with a couple of pieces of frui

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just had a nice lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwhich, grapes, and pretzels. Also went with a propel for the drink.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2 2009

It has been a very busy week. I weighed in at 329lbs on Wednesday. Went and check today and was 327.4 so lets hope we can keep that off. Anyways. I had a 10 point breakfast to get me started. Some proteins before I went to see this gym.
I did a one hour workout, which I was hurting in all the right spots. From there I signed the dotted line making yet another comittment to my life, and the change that must happen, before something terrible happens.

This is what I have eaten so far:
2 eggs, sausage, pepper jack cheese sandwhich.Diet Coke

Snack: 1 cup Mixed Fruit

Drinks 2 diet Cokes

About to go make a sandwhich and probably have some yogurt, along with lemon and water.
Cheer to all. Let's get this weight loss done!