Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday July 27, 2011

Yesterday I was able to keep within my points. As much as this is a great success, I did have a fall back, when I was out shopping. It took me to 2 hours to buy $400 worth of groceries. As I cashed out, and headed over to another store to get some meat...I got hungry (I ate before I went like 2 hours prior). I walked around this small store just looking for a small snack to get me home. My eyes locked on a bottle of Chocolate Milk, and a King Size pack of M&M's Peanut. Not a great choice as that little snack was a mere 25 points for the two items....YIKES! With my 71 points per day, I had no problem fitting that within my day, not proud of it, but proud I didn't go over my points.

For breakfast I had Progresso Light Soup with 16 Saltines
For Lunch I had Chocolate Milk, and M&M Peanuts
For Dinner I had a Grilled Chicken Breast with Instant Mashed Potatoes, and Corn.

My snacks consisted of
Snyder's Flavored Pretzels

I'm off to try and stay on track, and get some AP's in today. Take care, and remember we CAN DO THIS!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I never had more success then when I use to blog, journal on WW, and track my foods on a daily basis. Since I have stopped doing what works, I have found myself gaining weight at a faster speed then I ever have before. Now at my largest weight of over 400 pounds, this is starting to become a very serious issue. I must loose the weight or risk loosing my life to healthy issues. Last time I saw one of my speciality doctors he said I'm a heart attack or stroke away from death. Scary moment, but still didn't motivate myself to change myself. I recently went home, and I struggled to buckle my belt in my soon to be mother in laws car, couldn't fit on the airplane, couldn't walk distances that once before were very simple for me. I have decided that I must lose this weight fast. It is going to be painful, but I have to do it. I am hoping to post daily to assist with me to stay on plan. I will post yesterday's meals so that you can get some ideas. Keep in mind I don't always eat proper things at the proper times, for example I will have soup and crackers for breakfast, not typical but I like it.

Talk to you soon,


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Update From 1/21-1/29

This week has been a very busy one for me. Simply because Friday, I worked all day (11 + hours) as it was my last day before I had to fly to San Francisco for a business trip that started on Saturday. Saturday morning, I watched what I ate, and was tracking everything I ate, good or bad. By Monday I had stop tracking as the menu are preset at these conferences that I had to attend. The food was becoming very hard to judge, and know what things were cooked in.

With that said, I tracked what I ate when I got home on Thursday and Friday. I knew that I had gained some weight and was hoping that I didn't gain like 3 to 4 pounds. After today's weigh in I had gained 2.8 lbs bringing me back to 372.4. I can't be surprised as the food I ate, all the alcohol that I consumed during my visit in California that I would have gained 2.8lbs.

I know next week that I will have no problem loosing this weight, as I'm back on plan.

I hope you all had a great week for weight loss.

See you within the week.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year and a New ME!

Well here it is another year and it is still me in this body that I hate so much. I can't stand to be in this body, but yet I don't stick to the WW plan. Seriously what is wrong with me! Why can't I do this? Why is it that I can wake up every morning and wash, dress, and go to work, but I can't keep on WW.

Well this year no matter how bad it goes or how well it goes, my goal is to be on plan through out the year. This is a lifestyle not some get skinny scheme. I need to stay on target, and if I have a bad week, okay. Get on it next week and keep going. Don't just give up and go away from the program.

I know I do much better on WW when I write on my blog, but I always find a reason not to have time to write on this. But the real reason I find that I don't write on here as much as I should is seriously very simple. Are you ready for the answer.......well it is that I have to hold myself accountable for my actions. Who wants to be accountable for not be on plan. I know I don't.

That is why I'm making a dedication this year to write on here, at least once a week. This way I can update you all on weight loss, and how the journey is going.

So far I joined weight watchers for the third time on January 8th, 2011. In my first week I lost 11 lbs.

Then I have to travel for business this weekend to San Fransico for the part of the week. This forced me to go to an earlier meeting this week, so that I could do my weigh in, and hold myself accountable for the week. This week I lost 1.6 lbs. This means in less than 2 weeks I've lost 12.6 lbs, which is a great start!

I hope all of you are on target, and working towards you life goals.


Cheers to a healthy living!