Sunday, September 27, 2009

Headed to the gym

Well I decided today I would go to the gym. I haven't been there since I had trouble there and almost fainted. Scary moment to say the least. But today is a new day and I'm off to the gym.  Enjoy your day

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 14 2009

I had a pretty decent day! I ate within my points even though Patrick Swayze died.

I ate some leftovers and worked on office work so I was up late, but I was able to stop eating after I made dinner and had a snack!

Just wanted everyone to know I had a good day!

Let's eat and be healthy!


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Okay, I spent some time to update this site. Here are the changes:

  • Updated Weight Tracker (Found on the left side of the blog)
  • Updated the Weight Tracker/BMI tracker (located on the bottom of the page)
  • Added a countdown (Gave myself 1 1/2 years to lose 118lbs). DELTED FOR NOW AS IT WILL NOT HOLD THE DATE!!!! BUT I STILL HAVE A TIMELINE!
  • Added a section for comments! (Now your comments will show up on the left side)

Stop by and say hi!

No new photos as I'm at 317.8 and the last pic was 318. A couple of weeks!

Let's eat and be healthy!


September 12 2009

Good morning everyone,

I'm going to reflect on yesterday. Really didn't do much, except I did some necessary laundry, which I will need to finish later today.

I made breakfast out of some meals I made last week, that need to be eaten up.

Then for lunch I had some ww meatloaf I made.

For dinner, I really wanted pizza, so I got one. I had some slices last night, and only went over into my WPA's for 4 of them. I ate 2 slices this morning, because I love cold pizza. I'm throwing the rest away, as to be honest I have never done that before. NSV

I watched football yesterday and Notre Dame got beat by Michigan last minute to lose. Anyways today is a new day, and we will see how it goes. I'm already 12 points down for the day!

Well I hope you all have a GREAT one!

Let's eat and be healthy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11 2009

Here I am another day, and another day, I need to lose. What is the focus today? Todays focus is the PRIZE! Today I need to keep focusing on the fact with weight loss, I can do more, live longer, and healthier! I don't know about you but that is a FANTASTIC prize. As you know I'm 26 years old, and in a few years like 5 (LOL) I might want a kid. When that time comes, I need to be healthier so I can assist in taking care of him/her, and ensure that I can live a long life to enjoy my family!

I am focused on staying on plan, and eating right. Yesterday I ate 8 filling foods, maybe 9 today. That is the goal. Well I'm off to get ready for work. This is a bit shorter because of the 9/11 Tribute. Had to do it.

Let's eat and be healthy!


September 11 2009~9/11 Tribute!

Today is probably one of the sadest moments in America's history. Today marks 8 years since the horrific crashes of the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon. So many lives were cut short on this day. I was talking about this with a colleague of mine. What were people thinking that day when they saw that plane coming...I know my thoughts would have been "Oh Sh*t" as that is probably all they had time to think before the impact. I know my cousin was suppose to be in the Tower that day, but his meeting was canceled. It is amazing how that happens, as if it had only happened for so many more people that day. Many will grieve today, some will cherrish the memories, and some will keep fighting to keep us free. I ask you take a moment out of your busy day, and pray for the safety of our service men and women who continue night and day to fight for our FREEDOM. While you are at it pray for strength of those families who have been affected by this tradegy. We must UNITE!

God Bless America


Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10 2009 Part II

Today was my girlfriends weigh in. Well anyways as I had mentioned I lost 2.6lbs which was 0.8% of my total weight. She lost 3.2 lbs and that was 1.2% of her weight. She beat me so I guess I have to pony up for a gift for her. I had to say there is always mixed feelings when she wins. First and foremost I'm very proud of her, and happy she lost the weight. I just hate losing....LOL....but I love the challenge. Anyways I have a partial idea of her gift. I can't tell ya what it is just yet as she sometimes reads this.

I think we both had fantastic weeks! My ww meeting is Saturday so I get to see my old team leader, I just don't count that weigh in, as I have always used wednesday as my wi day since 09/08. I can't believe I started weight watchers about a year ago. I just wish I didn't take a break from it. I could be close to goal. Yet I'm pretty much back to where I started.

Anyways football is on, so I will get going so I can watch some!

Have a great night!

Let's eat and be healthy!


September 10 2009

Good morning everyone,

Well I was able to get up before 8am with the help of my dear girlfriend. We are in a long distance relationship as I have taken this new job in Indaina. She is working dilgently to be able to move out here, but she has to sell the house, and find a job. Not two of the easiest things to do in life. I set the alarm for 6am and she called me. It only took me 24 minutes to get out of bed. Not bad! I'm hoping that with me being able to get up earlier that I can get more accomplished at work, and will not have to stay as late. I go to work at 9am usually and stay there till 6 or 7pm. I know this isn't bad hours, but I'm hoping if I can get in by 8am then I will be out by 5 or 6pm. With winter/fall coming I'm trying to enjoy the gym membership that I'm paying for. The dilemma is that when I don't get home till 63o-730pm and I have to make dinner and what not then I don't want to work out that late. I certainly don't want to be eating dinner at 10pm-11pm. Yikes.

Well off to get ready for work!

Let's eat and be healthy!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9 2009

Well I have been super busy, but am back on track. So where have I been?

I started back on Weight Watchers back on August 5 2009. Since then I have been on plan for a month. I have lost 9.2 lbs since then and am down 20.2 lbs since originally joining weight watchers. I have decided that I can't keep going back. I originally lost 59 lbs in 4 months. I gained back about 50lbs in 4 months. Well that is exactly what happens when you go away from the lifestyle that you have one point decided to follow.

I have been very active recently within the last 2 weeks with the Weight Watchers Boards. I have been very active in the 20+ year old board. I have met a bunch of nice ladies in there.

Yet there is nothing better than my readers.

My girlfriend and I started a challenge back about 6 weeks ago. Where who ever lost the bigger % would receive a prize from the individual that didn't lose as much. Anyways we have had 5 weeks of competition and I have won 3 and she has won 1 and we both gained one week so there was no prize exchanged. I lost 2.6 lbs this week, so she will have to lose at least probably 2 lbs to beat me. I wish her luck, but I feel good about this, I have been really good this week, as I have tracked everyday vs her not tracking. I helped her figure out all her points tonight. I hope she gets back on track this week.

Well how is everyone doing going into the fall season. I bet many of us could have fallen off the wagon during the summer as it is easy to do with vacation. It is now time to get back on track, and start to focus your eye on the prize and that is weight loss.

I have started Weight Watchers meetings on Saturday so technically I have two weigh in days. I try to be good for this wi, but not as good as my Wednesday weigh in since it is part of the challenge. I really have enjoyed my meetings, and look forward to getting to know other people at the meetings. I sometimes think I might go to the two different locations as they are so much different and offer different ideas.

Well I have to let you know about the new Weight Watchers 150 Classic Recipe Book. It is fabulous and I have enjoyed my $10.00 purchase very much. I recommend you purchase it for your home as well. Anyways some of my favorites are the Chili, Oven Roasted Chicken, Salisbury Steaks, and Loaded Mashed Potatoes. I can't stop talking about this cook book. One of the best in my opinion.

Well I think we have caught up. Be sure to stop by and say hi, and let me know how you are doing.

Let's eat and be healthy


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wow I lost 4.8 lbs today that is a huge week for me. I worked out twice and really ate a lot of fresh vegetables from the local farmer down the road.
Well not feeling the best today. I woke up with a headache and now the sniffles. I think it has a lot to do with the weather here. Trying to stay strong!
Lost 4.8 lbs today! Off to the gym!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9 2009

Had a decent Saturday and am on track today. I'm starting Weight Watchers meetings. I am hoping these meetings will help me stay on track. They are on Sundays at 130pm and todays was canceled.

Sundays have also became the one day I cook for the week. I make about 6 to 8 meals. All I have to do is warm them up. If 5 days go by, I will freeze them and use them as Smart Ones but not with all that sodium. I also cost out all the points ahead of time, so I warm up the meal I know how many points are behind that lid.

I fell by cooking these meals they are saving me tons of money by not eating out. If you decide to eat out go to this website and get the nutritional information Great site (not mine). If you want the costs of my meal check out

Excited tostart another week of Weight Watchers with Weigh In on Wednesday.

Till Then,

Watching The Wrestler! Then I'm going to make a post!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking one more day off from the gym! Still a bit sore, but think tomorrow I'll be set to return! Hope you will go to a gym too!
I'm really excited to have this new blog with my girlfriend. We are in this fight together! We can share ideas, and share the benefits of being healthy.
Finally done with the workday! Off to home to work on dinner and making a healthy dinner with some veggies. It is great!
On task today! Will have about 20 points for dinner or close to.
Great weigh in today as this is my first week back on track -3.6 lbs! I'll take it an run

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Website Endorsed by ME!

My girlfriend and I have decided to create our own blog. This blog is dedicated to our weight loss together as a couple. We will share the good the bad and of course the ugly. Bottom line is we will support each other through this journey.

Come by and visit us at

She will list the ladies point of view and I will continue to give the guys point of view. We would love to hear from you, so stop by and say hi! Leave a note or two! If you are a couple join our weight loss challenge.

We can't wait to hear from you. Stop by and say HI!

Till Then,


August 4 2009

I had a great day for the most part, and learned something very important. Well going into dinner I had 22 points, and boy I never thought I would eat them all. I made Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes. Really all it is, chicken, tomato paste, and water. Can't be really bad right?

Wrong the one lb of ground chicken was almost 20 points, so making five servings turns out to be 4 points. Well I got a bit carried away and had three of them. Boy killing points away in the dinner hour. Well I have to say it is definitely a great alternative to having full flavored Sloppy Joes, but buyer be ware.

Tonight I cooked 8 ready to eat meals consisting of 4 oz of Chicken or Pork Chop. 1/2 cup of boiled potatoes, and 3/4 cup of mixed veggies that I made. Pointed them all out, and simply will place in the freezer in the next couple of days. Who needs Smart Ones when you can cook like this. It cost me $8.80 to make 8 meals at a cost of $1.10 per dinner, you can't buy Smart Ones that cheap!

Till then,

One last entry via text before back to work! So far I think I'm doing well with the new life, just going to take another day off from the gym. Be healthly!
New meal this morning!

I had egg white, cheese, lettuce and tomato on wheat toast. It was pretty good. Yesterday I had a wheat eggo waffle w berries n sf syrup

I went and got a bite to eat at the grocery store across the way and was fine. But during that whole time it was very scary.
I got out and started to feel light headed. Lost my energy quickly. I drank some water and about 30 minutes later I was fine. What a scare! To be continued...
I woke up Monday in A lot of pain. I was stiffer than plywood. I decided to go to the gym and sit in the whirlpool for 30 minutes. It felt great in there.
Something scary happened to me yesterday. I started back to the gym on Sunday! The trainer gave me an assessment and it lasted an hour of exercise. To be cont..
t. It came with a hard boiled egg, two pieces of tomato and cucumber. A piece of raisin toast! All priced for 7.45! What a bargin !
Went to one of my favorite restaurants today for lunch. They had a great grilled chicken plate. It was fantastic! It came with a couple of pieces of frui

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just had a nice lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwhich, grapes, and pretzels. Also went with a propel for the drink.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2 2009

It has been a very busy week. I weighed in at 329lbs on Wednesday. Went and check today and was 327.4 so lets hope we can keep that off. Anyways. I had a 10 point breakfast to get me started. Some proteins before I went to see this gym.
I did a one hour workout, which I was hurting in all the right spots. From there I signed the dotted line making yet another comittment to my life, and the change that must happen, before something terrible happens.

This is what I have eaten so far:
2 eggs, sausage, pepper jack cheese sandwhich.Diet Coke

Snack: 1 cup Mixed Fruit

Drinks 2 diet Cokes

About to go make a sandwhich and probably have some yogurt, along with lemon and water.
Cheer to all. Let's get this weight loss done!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28 2009

Woke up pretty happy and energetic, which was great! Had an egg white, cheese ham sandwhich on wheat bread at work, with a Propel.

For lunch I had a medium size Cobb Salad with FF Italian dressing which I'm still burping up...LOL.

For mid snack after work I had 4 pieces of garlic cheese toast and a half order of french fries.

I really had dinner yet but will prolly make a sandwhich. I also had four adult beverages tonight after work!

Been not the best, but started out well. Will definitely give it another go tomorrow.

I am going to the gym Sunday to sign up, as soon as I get paid.

Take care,

e to win this fight! I'm off to work!


ily fight. I can't keep losing as in any fight things starts to swell like my legs, my stomach, my arms. I can't keep living this boxing lifestyle. I hav
Well I'm on my way to work. I haven't eaten anything but an egg white sandwhich sounds great! I'm hoping for a better day than yesterday! It is like a da

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello everyone,
Trying to update my blog via my cell phone. If this works then this could be the greatest invention.


July 23, 2009

Well a month has gone by, and where am I. What have I've been doing? I tell you it isn't good at all. Things are not well. Things are spinning out of control and there doesn't seem to be a stopping point. Food taste great, and comes in abundance. Food is everywhere I am. Food seems to find itself on my office desk, or at the Front Desk of the hotel I run. Or in my Director of Sales office. Food is where I like to be, it is comforting. Food jumps into my hand, and then my mouth, without me even knowing it.Okay so some people have a problem because they don't think before they say something. I don't think about what goes in the mouth before I start to crunch on it. Why is it I don't look, the weight is piling on like an extra all beef patty at McDonald's with extra sauce. Why will it just not stop. I dont' want to be like the people that I see, and I see in the mirror. It has to stop.My Director of Sales is looking to loose weight, and so I thought you know what it is time to get back on the band wagon and start this fight. It isn't easy by no means. Today I didn't start off too well as I had a Blueberry Bagel Breakfast sandwhich and cottage cheese with hot sauce. I did have a Propel while at work. I had a Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sub at Subway with a Diet Coke and Frito Lays. I went on a 3 mile bicycle ride, which I thought I was going to die on. Boy am I out of shape. I haven't had dinner, but wanted to make a comittment to better living. I have to do this for me, my girlfriend and eventually for the children I may have one day. Most importantly for MYSELF.Stay tuned for updates. Take care!N

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I fell off but I'm back

Okay so a lot has changed since I last posted. Let's start with the biggest thing I went to Dallas for training in the end of January. Came back and started to look for a new job. Found one and moved from NY to Indiana (Elkhart to be exact near Notre Dame University). Anyways I'm a General Manager, which brings a lot of responsibility. Anyways I'm really excited about my new found venture, but my health and weight loss has taken a toll. No excuse but I know I just need to get back on it. I have this week as I've been doing really well. I have been counting my points etc. My downfall right now is that I work about 12 to 14 hours so when I get up and come home, I don't want to work out. I'm going to eat right, and start to exercise when my life goes back to some what normalcy.

Let's eat and be healthy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday's Dinner

Last night was a pot luck dinner. As I'm going away tomorrow, I'm trying to use up my ingredients that will go while I'm away. Last night I had a "microwaved" baked potato with salt & pepper and spray butter. That along with a tomato cut up with FF Italian Dressing. I had a 4 oz Chicken Breast that I placed a little bit of Feta over it. Then in the freezer I had a piece of Turkey Enchillada Casserole. Sounds like a lot and it was but it was so good. Total meal was about 14 points.

Got to run and get ready for a half day at work, then back home to pack, eat, and bedtime.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Am I On Plan?

Certainly have tried, but certainly have had a few set backs, but I'm still headed in the right direction. My workouts at the gym have increased to 1 hour eliptical and 30 minutes of doing situps. Working those rock solid flabby abs.....LOL....okay I had you going for a minute. I am not eating bad unless I don't plan.

Tonight I pulled Chicken and a piece of an turkey enchillada casserole I made a couple of weeks ago. We will see which one I eat tonight.

Take this might be my last post till after Texas!

Remember "Don't Mess With Texas!"~Don't worry I plan on DOING just that!LOL

"Let's eat and be healthy"


T Minus 2 days

That is right only 2 days left till I hit the friendly skies and end up in Dallas TX. I can't wait to get out of the cold and into the warm sunny TX. Well I have cleaned my apartment to make it sparkle as mom will be taking care of my 2 babies....okay their cats Martin & Molly. But none the less. I have spent about 5 hours, and lots of sweat to get the job done. Now I'm done, but still have to run and do laundry. I'm running around to get everything done before I leave for Texas.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


P.S. I will have pics from my trip posted in February, so stay tune!

Huge Non Scale Victory

I went to see the Dr. on Thursday afternoon after having a minor headache about two hours after taking my medication. The only appointment I could get was in the afternoon. Megan who is one of the assistants to the Office Manager (who I admire deeply...LOL) told me why don't we do all your blood work on Thursday as well. Wait that means you have to fast since 6am. I told her I would be fine with making that sacrifice as long as we could get everything done. I agreed and took the appointment. My doctor was so impressed with my weight loss. She told me keep it up. That isn't the NSV, what is......she took me off half of the medication that I took for my High Blood Pressure. My pill I took had 2 medications in it. So I still take one pill but it only has half the medication in it. YEAH for me....huge non scale victory.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Saturday, January 17, 2009

T Minus 10 Days

And I will be in Dallas TX for my Hilton Training. I can't wait, was a refreshing moment that will be as I can't stand the cold weather. I'm really excited and it is T Minus 12 days till I go to San Antonio and see my friends that I left behind. We will ROCK SAN ANTONIO.....!!!!!!!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Non Official WI

I weighed in today at my apartment like I always do on Wednesday's. I have gained weight last week, and I can't continue that, as I have done so well. Today I hopped on the scale to find out that I've lost 2.4lbs already as I'm 285 even. That is great, and who knows by next Wednesday. It is more of a reason to stay OP.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Breakfast/Lunch 1/16/09

I guess after posting that I should include the other two meals....right


2 portions of instant oatmeal with added cinnamon


Toss Salad with balsamic dressing Wishbone spray
WW Yogurt
Italian Skillet 2 portions but only 5.5 points got to love was so good as the flavors got to sit.....I think that is one of my fav new dishes....quick, simple, yet delicous!


"Let's eat and be healthy"


Dinner Tonight 1/16/09

I decided I would have

2 5oz grilled chicken
1 large bake potato nothing in it
1 garden salad with green leaf, tomato, and a couple of croutons for good measure. I used my balsamic vingarette dressing that I make.

MMMM it was so tasty!

Quick, simple, and yet delicious!!!!!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dinner Tonight...NO Cookbook needed

I wanted to use what I had in the house. We use to do this a lot when I worked in the restaurants. We would make specials with items that we had, and never would purchase items.

Here we go:

Oven Fries:

8 oz of Potatoes
1 t Olive Oil
Sprinkle Kosher Salt
Sprinkle Black Pepper
Sprinkle Garlic Powder
Sprinkle Onion Powder

Cut the potatoes into strips. Place the potatoes in a container (with a lid) and add seasoning and oil. Shake until the potatoes are coated. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes (or until cooked) at 375F.

It serves 2 people at 2 points per serving.

For the entree:

Stuffed Chicken with Veg

2-4 oz Chicken Breast (Skinless, Boneless)
2 small button mushrooms diced
1 celery stalk diced
1 carrot diced
1/4 onion diced
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 slice of Weight Watchers Bread
Sprinkle of Kosher Salt
Sprinkle of Black Pepper
Pam Spray

Take a medium skillet over medium heat, and add Pam Spray. Add mushrooms, carrot, celery, garlic. Saute for 5 minutes (this is optional, if you like your veggies a little more crunchy then don't do the saute part). Remove from heat, and place mixture into bowl. Take the slice of bread and add it to water, and let soak for 5 minutes. Squeeze out the water, and add to the veggie mixture. Mix the mixture along with seasonings. Now take your mixture and split into two parts and fill your two chicken breasts. Fold chicken breasts and pin closed with toothpicks. Take a medium skillet over medium heat, and wait until it is hot. Spray the Pam Spray and immediately place the chicken into the skillet. Cook on all 2 sides, for no more than 3 minutes per side for a total of 6 minutes. Now take it off the heat, and place the 2 chickens onto a cookie sheet and place in the oven for about 15 minutes or until cooked at 375F.


This serves 2 people and it is only 3 points per serving or 6.5 points for both pieces of chicken.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Check-In 2009

Use this entry to log in your sucess so far. Like how many lbs have you lost, how long have you been doing it, how many lbs to goal. I'll start mine, look at the comments for my answer!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


My weekend caught up to me!

I am starting to hate eating and eating out. No really I love both, but it just stinks when you try to behave yourself, but your mind takes over and gets you to eat things you Chicken Parmesan. Boy do I love that with a bowl of that white penne pasta....LOL...I'll stop now we don't need anyone binging off my website. I am back on plan this week, and back to tracking everything. I tell you it is tough when you go out to eat, because it is hard to tell how they cook things. But part of our social lives is to dine out with family and friends. Ouch! Well I'm off to have lunch....guess what it was another dish of Italian Skillet, except this time I put mushrooms in it. It is such a great recipe with lots of great veggies....if you haven't checked it out yet YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING. Tonight I think I will try a new recipe with chicken of course....we will see because it is really cold outside today, and I'm not looking to go to the store for ingredients. Pantry to Plate cookbook, here I come!!!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


New Pictures

I have updated per a readers request (because I got my new camera) a new photo of where I'm at with my weight loss. As you can tell in most my photos, this isn't a pleasureable thing for me....but either was gaining weight...right!

Well I hope to get another couple of shots up there when I lose another 10-15lbs, but not till then. I am going to San Antonio/Dallas later this month, so I will have trip pictures in the beginning of February, but no weight loss pictures.

I'll keep you posted!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Monday, January 12, 2009

It Been a Bad Weekend Oh NO

Yes that is right, I had a bad eating weekend. Basically I'll break down what I had for the weekend....let you be the judge.


3 Egg whites with veggies
1 serving of boiled &seasoned potatoes cooked in Pam spray 0 cal
Soft Pretzel with Salt (at movie was better than that big o bag of popcorn)
Turkey burger with 1/2 oz of Swiss Cheese
Chicken Parm with Penne Pasta with Marinara Sauce (ouch)
Salad with Raspberry Vinegarette
3 Slices of White Italian Bread with 2 t of Olive Oil with Garlic

Ouch of a day but I get 41 points


Egg white flatbread from Dunkin Donut
1/2 portion of almonds
2 slices of cheese (1 oz total weight)
2 slices of ham (1 oz total weight)
3 Sour Pickles
Chicken Cordon Bleu made at a restaurant (it was not breaded or fryed, it was included mozzarella cheese and proscuitto. It was only one chicken breast with 3 slices of thinly sliced proscuitto.....with a side dish of spaghetti and marrinara sauce.
3 slices of bread
Rum Raisin Geloto
2 Bloody Marys

(Ouch of a day)

Now be the judge about how bad of those days really were?


Back on Plan, how about you?

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spinning Activity Points

I have been working on my trainer/spinner, and have always wondered why it is such a workout. I mean seriously I'm only spinning my back tire of my bicycle. Why would this be more of a workout then riding a stationary bike at the gym? Well the answer to that question is I'm not exactly sure, but would believe it has to do with the intensity. On the other hand I did 30 minutes of it and first calculated under bicycling and received 3 activity points. Then in the Men's section on WW Online, a person suggested I look up spinning. Sure enough I did, and found out that my 30 minutes of kick butt intensity (have to take a nap afterwards, because I'm totally exhausted) really worth 7 activity points. Now that is AWESOME!! I mean I'm excited because for 3 Ap's I would rather ride my eliptical, but 7 I'm on the trainer, and then to a nap....LOL....we all need our rest....right?

"Let's eat and be healthy"

I Bought a New Camera

I thought I would let you all know that I just purchased a brand new camera. The reason for the purchase is that I had to sacrifice my previous camera to take those photos at Niagara Falls (died due to getting wet). Oh well the pictures are well worth the loss of the camera. I just took 2 pics yesterday of me at 284. I will post on my site very soon!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Friday, January 9, 2009

Italian Skillet Recipe

Last night I tried a new recipe from my WW Cookbooks. I had to make some adjustments, so I want to make sure I give some credit to WW. Here is the recipe and it was so yummy.

1 Carrot-peeled and diced
2 Small Onions-peeled and diced
1 Celery Stalk-cleaned and diced
141/4 oz Diced Tomatoes
3 Garlic Clove minced
8 oz Chicken cut into thin stips
1 t Dried Basil
1/4 t Kosher Salt
1/2 t Black Pepper
2 t Olive Oil

Take a large skillet and put over medium heat. Place Olive Oil in the pan once the pan has heated up. Add carrots, onions, celery, and garlic. Saute vegetables till onions are clear about 10 minutes. Add the chicken and cook for about 5 minutes until is partially cooked on each side. Add the diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, and dried basil and simmer for about 10-15 minutes. Your meal is ready.

It serves 4 people (but to be honest I ate 2 portions). It is 2 points per serving or 5.5 points per 2 servings.

I recommend a nice brown rice pilaf as a side dish.

Happy eating

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Going with a New Look

Okay it is 2009, and it is time to change up the blog a little. I added a few pics, and now it is time to change the template. I hope you all like.


Profile Pics & Updates on Pics

Just an FYI, my profile pic is what I looked like at 280lbs which I'm almost there again. I have updated some photos tonight. I have one at 318 and one at 298. I'm about to go out and buy a new camera, because that pic on the boat.....I think killed my camera....oh well.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


85.4 lbs To Goal

That's right I have lost 53.6 lbs in just 18 weeks, and I have another 85.4 lbs to go until I will reach my goal of 199 lbs. I want to get to the point that I can tell people I weigh less than 200 lbs. I know that my dr. would prefer me to be less than that. We can cross that bridge when I get there. I tell ya it is only one step at a time. Join the journey for the next 85.4 lbs.

"Let's eat and be healthy"



Have you ever thought of joining a spinning class? Well I just got my new bicycle for Christmas. I decided to purchase a trainer for my bicycle. What the trainer does, it basically holds your back tire up against resistance so when you pedal, you spin your back tire but not your front. This is known as spinning. Anyways I have decided not to join a class but I enjoy doing it at my house. The main reason I don't join is a the time doesn't really work. Second is I can't last very long at this point spinnning. What about you joing?

Let me know?

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Were You There?

I've been working out at the gym since the New Year, so are you on track? Are you going to the gym consistently? Post your results in a comment!

"Let's eat and be healthy"



Here I was standing, and it felt like I was being invaded by tall people, short people, average height people. Overweight people, skinny people, average weight people. They were males and females. They were white, black, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Puerto Rican, they were all kinds of people. They were invading MY SPACE. They had never been there before, where did they all come from (wood work?). If you haven't guessed what I'm talking about is my gym and how many new members are there for their New Year resolution. Boy I was so frustrated with "them", they had shown up and taken over....and only to know that most will not be there in a month. They had taken my machine. That machine and I have been "dating" for 18 weeks, and I didn't dare to cheat on her otherwise I might stop losing. I wanted to rip that person off MY MACHINE. I was so frustrated that these people thought they could show up for a month and invade my space, when I have been doing this for 18 weeks. HOW DARE THEM? I have to say I can't wait till February and March get here, then they will disappear, and I can get back to my life and MY MACHINE.

I thought you might get a kick out of this entry.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Saturday, January 3, 2009

How does it feel to 51 lbs lighter?

Well to be honest, it feels REALLY GOOD! That saying that "nothing tastes as GREAT as SKINNY feels" is so true. Now by no means am I skinny, but I'm not this huge guy who couldn't move up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I'm a 26 year old guy who can actually take the stairs and feel good when I get to the top of it. I'm someone who can clean my house, and not get winded when I bend over....use to be that person, and as hard as it is to stay OP...and on just has to be done.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Saturday January 3, 2009

Well I didn't make it to the gym, but I did get up and make breakfast for myself. A nice egg, cheese, turkey sausage and 1 point English Muffin=7 points, and it was well worth it. I then got to work for about 2 hours in cleaning the house. I still have the bathroom and the kitchen, and the kitchen table....but I'm loosing steam. I'm going out with a friend tonight, so I have to find a restaurant that serves chicken and salads, as that is what she wants. Works for me. I'm looking to be on plan today, and I got a few AP's in even though they were not gym points. Points are points...Right?

Enjoy the day!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


Friday, January 2, 2009

The New Year

Welcome to year 2009, and it has been a blast. I actually would like to correct my total weight loss. It is actually 51.2 lbs because I weigh 286.8. I got that confused earlier in another entry. Now bad I am 51 lbs lighter as I entered into 2009. What a great feeling. I'm going to the gym tomorrow for the first time in the year. I have to be honest it has been really cold here in upstate NY, and we have had the white stuff to the ice stuff. Not nice. In the winter I can become very lazy as my skins tightens up like leather, and when it stretches it bleeds. I have a condition known as exema ( I know that isn't close to how it is spelt). But basically my skin dries out. I use a lotion, but sometimes it doesn't work quick enough. Like this evening I have 2 cracks on each foot a long with 2 cracks on my right hand. I mean it does it so quick. I think that is one issue I have always struggled with in losing weight in the winter time. I'm going to definitely try and over come that this year. I wish you all the best.

Let's keep up the good work

"Let's eat and be healthy"