Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

This morning woke up a bit tired. Not sure exactly why as I thought I slept pretty well. Except when I woke up to the cat playing with our full length mirror. Other than that I slept fine.

Moving on....for breakfast I did really well as I had an apple, yogurt, and a water.

Then I had to go to a unexpected luncheon. I ended up eating a salad with Balsamic Vinegar and a Chicken Pesto Sandwhich. Cheese and Ciabatta bread were the real killer here.

Italian Sausage, Suddenly Salad, Tomatoe & Cucumber with FF Dressing. 9 oz Italian Sausage (2 links) were 22 points, holy moly Batman! Couldn't believe it.

Anyway I finished 1 Point Plus Value over my daily total today. Yesterday I was almost 20 under so I guess I'm not doing to bad.

Other than that I had a great day, so tiredness during the middle of the day.

Hope you have a great evening.

Off to a healthier tomorrow!

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Joann said...

Good job, Nathan.... you're staying on top of it. Your breakfast sounds delish, so does the lunch. I try to leave the bread off of unexpected lunches that mess you up.... in fact, I even ENJOY the sandwich filling better.... less guilt. = )