Thursday, June 11, 2009

I fell off but I'm back

Okay so a lot has changed since I last posted. Let's start with the biggest thing I went to Dallas for training in the end of January. Came back and started to look for a new job. Found one and moved from NY to Indiana (Elkhart to be exact near Notre Dame University). Anyways I'm a General Manager, which brings a lot of responsibility. Anyways I'm really excited about my new found venture, but my health and weight loss has taken a toll. No excuse but I know I just need to get back on it. I have this week as I've been doing really well. I have been counting my points etc. My downfall right now is that I work about 12 to 14 hours so when I get up and come home, I don't want to work out. I'm going to eat right, and start to exercise when my life goes back to some what normalcy.

Let's eat and be healthy!


Joann said...

Nathan, I'm working A LOT of hours right now too, year end closing for us at the school district. What I do is buy those Lean Cuisine meals, and have salad ready to go, I also buy the snack packs of veggies to just throw into the microwave or eat raw.

As for work out time, I've lagged on that lately too, I still try to go to the gym sometimes I go late in the evening and just walk the track if nothing else. But I know that if I can't, at least I'm eating well, right?! LOL!!

Lynne said...

Nathan, So good to hear from you and I don't know how I fell off "follow". I'm glad you are okay and I understand about the work hours, lol. Hang in there and keep trying, you'll get there!

Nathan said...

Good to hear from both Joann & Lynne!

Lynne I tried to get on your blog and it wouldn't let me!

Hope all is well.

Lynne said...

Hi Nathan! Yes, I shut my TNT II blog down for now and went private on the I'm On A Mission. The reasons are personal, and nothing to do with anyone or blog land. Just something I needed to do right now. Hey, if you would like to participate with the I'm On A Mission, email me at and I'll add you! Take care.