Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9 2009

Had a decent Saturday and am on track today. I'm starting Weight Watchers meetings. I am hoping these meetings will help me stay on track. They are on Sundays at 130pm and todays was canceled.

Sundays have also became the one day I cook for the week. I make about 6 to 8 meals. All I have to do is warm them up. If 5 days go by, I will freeze them and use them as Smart Ones but not with all that sodium. I also cost out all the points ahead of time, so I warm up the meal I know how many points are behind that lid.

I fell by cooking these meals they are saving me tons of money by not eating out. If you decide to eat out go to this website and get the nutritional information Great site (not mine). If you want the costs of my meal check out

Excited tostart another week of Weight Watchers with Weigh In on Wednesday.

Till Then,



Lynne said...

Hi Nathan! I am finding WW meetings are helping me and I hope they will help you too. Good idea on cooking ahead. I am trying to stay away from packaged meals too, because of the sodium. Even lunch meat, lol. Best wishes on a great WW week!

Joann said...

That's a great way to stay on track, Nathan!! I love the WW plan. South Beach is another one I really like, that's the one I'm on right now... my 5th day, and doing really well!! Wishing you success!!