Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4 2009

I had a great day for the most part, and learned something very important. Well going into dinner I had 22 points, and boy I never thought I would eat them all. I made Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes. Really all it is, chicken, tomato paste, and water. Can't be really bad right?

Wrong the one lb of ground chicken was almost 20 points, so making five servings turns out to be 4 points. Well I got a bit carried away and had three of them. Boy killing points away in the dinner hour. Well I have to say it is definitely a great alternative to having full flavored Sloppy Joes, but buyer be ware.

Tonight I cooked 8 ready to eat meals consisting of 4 oz of Chicken or Pork Chop. 1/2 cup of boiled potatoes, and 3/4 cup of mixed veggies that I made. Pointed them all out, and simply will place in the freezer in the next couple of days. Who needs Smart Ones when you can cook like this. It cost me $8.80 to make 8 meals at a cost of $1.10 per dinner, you can't buy Smart Ones that cheap!

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