Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I never had more success then when I use to blog, journal on WW, and track my foods on a daily basis. Since I have stopped doing what works, I have found myself gaining weight at a faster speed then I ever have before. Now at my largest weight of over 400 pounds, this is starting to become a very serious issue. I must loose the weight or risk loosing my life to healthy issues. Last time I saw one of my speciality doctors he said I'm a heart attack or stroke away from death. Scary moment, but still didn't motivate myself to change myself. I recently went home, and I struggled to buckle my belt in my soon to be mother in laws car, couldn't fit on the airplane, couldn't walk distances that once before were very simple for me. I have decided that I must lose this weight fast. It is going to be painful, but I have to do it. I am hoping to post daily to assist with me to stay on plan. I will post yesterday's meals so that you can get some ideas. Keep in mind I don't always eat proper things at the proper times, for example I will have soup and crackers for breakfast, not typical but I like it.

Talk to you soon,


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