Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where HAVE I been?

Well I would like to think that I have been a great long vacation....unfortunately that isn't even close to being true. The reality is I think I might have stated this before and that we lost our Food & Beverage Manager at the hotel. Starting December 5, 2008 the Holiday Parties have kicked into high gear. I have been covering my department along with being involved 110% in the Food & Beverage effort! I have been working an average of 12-14 hour days. I have been unable to make it to the gym on a consistent basis, which is tough on me mentally. I really enjoy going, and I know I will be back soon. I didn't want my readers to think that I abandoned you but when you are at work that long and it takes 1 to get there and back. Along with time to get ready, when you do finally get home, all you want to do is sleep.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


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Lynne said...

Awww Nathan, you hang in there! I figured it was just holiday stuff going on right now!