Thursday, December 4, 2008

The days after Thanksgiving

Weigh In was on Wednesday, and I was a bit scared that with Thanksgiving, I could have gained. I mean I was really good, but still it could have happened. I got on the scale for it to read 295lbs which is a loss of 3.4 lbs, so that is great. That puts my total loss to 43 lbs in just 13 weeks. I'm very proud of myself.

This past Wednesday I went down to NYC to watch the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. It was awesome to say the least, and then we went to a restaurant called Tony's. It is a little Italian Restaurant in Time Square. Anyways they had great food. I ate Chicken Parm with Pasta, and I even had a Strawberry Shortcake. I know I shouldn't have had it, but there was no items on there such as broiled, grilled, or baked. I was kind of stuck, and I have never been bad, well today was my first.

Now it is over and back on plan!

"Let's eat and be healthy"



Pamela said...

Congratulations on your loss, Nathan! It sounds like you had fun in NYC! I'm jealous!

Estela said...

Congrats on your loss. How thrilling to see it on a week that had the potential to be tough. Glad you enjoyed the show and the time in NYC.