Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10 2009 Part II

Today was my girlfriends weigh in. Well anyways as I had mentioned I lost 2.6lbs which was 0.8% of my total weight. She lost 3.2 lbs and that was 1.2% of her weight. She beat me so I guess I have to pony up for a gift for her. I had to say there is always mixed feelings when she wins. First and foremost I'm very proud of her, and happy she lost the weight. I just hate losing....LOL....but I love the challenge. Anyways I have a partial idea of her gift. I can't tell ya what it is just yet as she sometimes reads this.

I think we both had fantastic weeks! My ww meeting is Saturday so I get to see my old team leader, I just don't count that weigh in, as I have always used wednesday as my wi day since 09/08. I can't believe I started weight watchers about a year ago. I just wish I didn't take a break from it. I could be close to goal. Yet I'm pretty much back to where I started.

Anyways football is on, so I will get going so I can watch some!

Have a great night!

Let's eat and be healthy!


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