Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11 2009~9/11 Tribute!

Today is probably one of the sadest moments in America's history. Today marks 8 years since the horrific crashes of the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon. So many lives were cut short on this day. I was talking about this with a colleague of mine. What were people thinking that day when they saw that plane coming...I know my thoughts would have been "Oh Sh*t" as that is probably all they had time to think before the impact. I know my cousin was suppose to be in the Tower that day, but his meeting was canceled. It is amazing how that happens, as if it had only happened for so many more people that day. Many will grieve today, some will cherrish the memories, and some will keep fighting to keep us free. I ask you take a moment out of your busy day, and pray for the safety of our service men and women who continue night and day to fight for our FREEDOM. While you are at it pray for strength of those families who have been affected by this tradegy. We must UNITE!

God Bless America


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