Saturday, November 29, 2008

How did I do in the Turkey Challenge

For those who have been reading, you all know that I was working on a Turkey Challenge through Weight Watchers Online. The idea of this challenge was to have three goals. One was a weight loss goal. The second goal was a personal goal. The third goal was to change something in your life (or something close to this).

My goals were:

Goal 1: To lose 15 lbs in 7 weeks. I lost 24.6 lbs in 7 weeks! Goal Met!

Goal 2: To walk 70 miles in 7 weeks, this meant 10 miles a week! I walked 174.19 miles in 7 weeks, meaning I walked over 25 miles a week. I guess those elipticals and I have become friends!

Goal 3: To clean and organize my apartment 15 minutes a day for a total of 960 minutes. This goal I came up short, actually just over 4 hours short or 240 minutes short. I completed 718 minutes out of the 960 minutes. I still think this is a great achievement for me, as A I hate to clean and second I can't organize unless I want to and I organize enough at work, that I don't want to when I'm home.

Not that I'm making up excuses for Goal 3 but I would rather take the first two then the last one any day. I'm proud of myself and the effort that was put fourth to complete a challenge and to have some what GREAT results! I am very interested in getting into a "new me by 2009" challenge, but I'm not so sure if I will do a Weight Watchers Challenge, or a Blog Challenge. Stay tuned for my next part of my journey!

"Let's eat and be healthy"



Estela said...

You may not have met that third goal to the letter, but you clearly put in some time and that is a success in itself. Congrats on the exercise and weight loss goals. :)

havie said...

Hey Nathan! I'm not sure if I can do this but I'm nominating you for the Marie A. Award! Thanks again for the support and the nomination!

Lynne said...

Congratulations on meeting your goals!

GirlOnAMission said...

Great work Nathan!! Keep it up and let me know how weigh in goes this week!

Ron said...

Hey Nathan,
Just wanted to say it looks like you are doing and awesome job with the weight loss and exercise, I have the same kinds of problems as your goal #3. But I keep working at it...

Pamela said...

Nathan, congratulations on meeting most of your goals, and I agree with Estela that since you definitely put in some time on the third, I would say that you are a complete success!