Sunday, January 25, 2009

Huge Non Scale Victory

I went to see the Dr. on Thursday afternoon after having a minor headache about two hours after taking my medication. The only appointment I could get was in the afternoon. Megan who is one of the assistants to the Office Manager (who I admire deeply...LOL) told me why don't we do all your blood work on Thursday as well. Wait that means you have to fast since 6am. I told her I would be fine with making that sacrifice as long as we could get everything done. I agreed and took the appointment. My doctor was so impressed with my weight loss. She told me keep it up. That isn't the NSV, what is......she took me off half of the medication that I took for my High Blood Pressure. My pill I took had 2 medications in it. So I still take one pill but it only has half the medication in it. YEAH for me....huge non scale victory.

"Let's eat and be healthy"



Pamela said...

Congratulations Nathan! I'm so happy for you! That IS huge!

Lynne said...

Nathan, I was watching BL and was shocked how much medication some of the younger men were taking. They shared your enthusiasm for a non-scale victory, and as well they should when letting go of those medicines. Not to mention the health positives to losing weight, but think of the money you will save too! Great job! God Bless!

Scale Junkie said...

WOW what a victory!! Congratulations on the med changes, your hard work is paying off!