Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spinning Activity Points

I have been working on my trainer/spinner, and have always wondered why it is such a workout. I mean seriously I'm only spinning my back tire of my bicycle. Why would this be more of a workout then riding a stationary bike at the gym? Well the answer to that question is I'm not exactly sure, but would believe it has to do with the intensity. On the other hand I did 30 minutes of it and first calculated under bicycling and received 3 activity points. Then in the Men's section on WW Online, a person suggested I look up spinning. Sure enough I did, and found out that my 30 minutes of kick butt intensity (have to take a nap afterwards, because I'm totally exhausted) really worth 7 activity points. Now that is AWESOME!! I mean I'm excited because for 3 Ap's I would rather ride my eliptical, but 7 I'm on the trainer, and then to a nap....LOL....we all need our rest....right?

"Let's eat and be healthy"

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Ron said...

Congrats on the exerciseing points, keep at it Nathan