Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday October 11, 2008

Well I had to go grocery shopping since just getting back from vacation. For those who don't know I went to Niagara Falls Ontario Canada for a few days. It was a great retreat, and well deserved. Back to Saturday, so I decide it was time to go grocery shopping. I made a list of items I wanted to get. This way it helps me stay on target, and not get what looks good. I spent 1/3 of my money just on fresh fruits and veggies, this helps promotes healthy eating. Then I finish with purchasing other items that are on the list. After putting everything away in my apartment, I always like to sit down and enjoy a nice sandwhich. I made my sandwhich and make a nice 32 oz glass of water with lemon, and watched some tv. To get in some quick Activity Points, I did some house work for about 20 minutes. This helps work off some of those calories I just ate. You always think of input vs output. You must try to burn at least 1/3 of what you input in your system. This way you leave the other 2/3 for your body nourishment (this is just my suggestion, as I'm not an expert at all).

My day went really well overall as I chose to eat the right foods, and tried to find foods that I got more bang for the buck! Those foods are the best choices!


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