Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday October 23, 2008

The sun has set, and the moon is out shining, so that means just another day has passed. That is a good thing or bad depending on how you look at it. I can tell you how I look at it, I see it as another day that I'm living healthier then I did before. Now I know I'm doing very well as I have lost a total of 29 pounds in just 7 weeks. I am really striving to be below 300 pounds before January 1 2009 and it looks like I'm well on my way, which is an awesome feeling.

My biggest concern is that I've been on this program for 7 weeks, and it doesn't feel like I'm dieting anymore. I kind of eat what I want and just record it. Granted I pack a lot of meals and I don't eat out that much anymore. I guess I just choose healthier options. I just think this has become more of a lifestyle then it has a diet. I was the biggest non believer that I would ever consider this a lifestyle and not a diet.

What do I do now, well I think that is simple. I must choose to eat healthy, exercise, and oh by the way did I mention exercise! Yes that is truly what I have strived for. I want to work out, and I get into a funk when I can't get there. Like this evening, I couldn't get there because I'm still at work. I could have gone this morning, but the fear of not being able to get these much needed errands done was a great concern. I got the errands done, but now I lack at the exercise. I will be up early tomorrow to get to the gym. Tomorrow our gym is actually closed so I have to drive like 20 minutes to get to the nearest gym.

Tomorrow is another healthy day, and I plan on start reading some dieting books in the next few weeks, about different plans. If I find anything worth a note, I'll let you all know.

"Let's eat and be healthy"


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GirlOnAMission said...

Hey Nathan-

Yes, I do usually plan out my meals ahead of time, typically the night before. That way I'm making sure I'm within my points range and also making the best use of food I have in the house. Once you get used to doing it this way, it saves time and money!