Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday September 12, 2008

Well finally got home from the hotel today at 415pm. Just in time to watch my Dallas Cowboys. It was soon after the half time that I would fall asleep for about 2 hours (too bad I don't get any activity points for that). When I woke up I found out my team had lost, and it was time for dinner. After a vegetable pot sticker for lunch, I only had 4 points for dinner, along with 3 Activity Points. I still have 35 weekly points (but don't like to get into that). I looked throughout my freshly stocked kitchen for something quick, and delicious. I landed on a Turkey Ham sandwhich with Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese with lettuce, tomato, pickle, spicy brown mustard all on a new item I found called Light Roll Outs (Walmart sells them too, they have 90 calories 1.5 g of fat, and 9 g Fiber WOW). Anyways made my sandwhich and then decided to pull out a steamed single serving of peas from the freezer. In about a minute and thirty I had a delicious dinner. Yet I had nothing to drink, that was easy fill up my 32 oz glass with water and lemon juice. Boy was that a great meal, and it worked out to only cost me 7 points. I guess I will end at 0 today, which is what I was striving for. Well I hope you all are living the idea of

"Let's eat and be healthy!"


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