Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday October 14, 2008

Another great day being On Plan. Yesterday I was at the gym first thing in the morning. I did an eliptical and upper body workout. I even got in 7 glasses of water in which is huge this was by the end of the workout. Then from there it was time off to work.

At work I had a great day, I ate leftovers, and have lots of fruits, and some nuts for snack. I find the apple and 1/4 cup of nuts seems to be a great fulfilling snack that sometimes hold me over the next meal period. Which in my business is a great thing, as in the hotel business we eat when we can. We don't have set times. I wish but it isn't reality.

I came home and felt like a deli sandwhich, which I almost ended up at a Italian Restaurant last night because they make some great subs. But I knew going in there would lead to 2 slices of pizza and a sub, which is more points then I needed for the day. I drove by the restaurant and on my home I went. I was proud of myself of not stopping, as I really wanted to go there. I went home and made myself a sandwhich with a Weight Watchers Wheat Bun, Lorraine Swiss Cheese, Turkey Ham, Spicy Mustard, a little of Fat Free Italian Dressing, and some veggies. Well then I had a small amount of left over potatoes where I added 5 sprays of I can't believe it not butter spray (best stuff ever). That was my dinner. I also had a Weight Watchers dessert. It was the Mint Chocolate Sundae, and boy for 3 points is well worth it. Then I watched a little television last night. Got tired at around 9 pm, instead of fighting that urge, went to bed pretty early so I ended up getting up on Wednesday at 615am. This allows me to start my day off early!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


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GirlOnAMission said...

Hey Nathan-

I just got back from WI and was down exactly one pound! Not as much as I was hoping, but progress none the less! Great job on your food choices yesterday- I know how hard it can be. Keep up the good work and check in me about your weigh in today!! Good Luck!