Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday October 22, 2008

Today is Weigh In and I'm sitting here waiting for judgement day. This could make my day or make me mad at myself the rest of the day! I have stayed within the plan for most of the days. One day I did eat my AP's and 5 weekly points. Now this is a first for me, so I'm hoping that it doesn't hurt the weigh in. Other than that I've been good, I've really tried to stay on plan. I have gotten in over 40 Activity Points, which I thought was great.

Sunday I went to the Buffalo Bills game and enjoyed myself even though they didn't have power for half the game. I will update with pictures soon, so you can all share that experience with me.

I have to say last week was a tough one, but I got through it. Cheers to another great week.

"Let's eat and be healthy"

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