Thursday, November 13, 2008

Embarrasing Moment! What A Great Feeling!

How can any embarrassing moment be a great feeling. Typically when we are embarrassed we turn red ( I know I do), and we really want to find a rock to hide underneath. True or False? I would have to say that mainly that is a true statement.

Wednesday is a very important day for me, first because it is my Weigh In day, so that means a lot to me. I keep hoping for losses, and big or small, I've been getting them. On Wednesday night is my bowling league. Yes I do enjoy a good game of bowling. I find it to be a great social event to get out and meet new people.

Anyways I was at home and realized that the time had flown by and I had only 20 minutes before the league started. I threw on my tshirt and a pair of shorts ( I wear shorts because I like to have the freedom of movement when I bowl). Anyways I headed out the door, and down the stairs to my car. I drove like a slight mad man to get there on time. I took out my bowling bag, and wheeled it in. I set up my 2 bowling balls, and waited to see some friends. After reminising over my weight loss, we were bowling a good friend of mine. The lanes turned on, and we started to warm up. As soon as I went to go throw my first ball my shorts started to fall down! They never fell off, but slid right down my butt. OH NO!!!!! I thought, god I can't go home and change, I'm going to have to bowl like this all night. Face got red, so friends started to ask. Is everything okay. I said yeah, I think my blood pressure went up (not telling them that my shorts almost ended up around my ankles). The rest of the night, I couldn't concentrate on bowling as I could only think about how my shorts kept falling off me. I even started to roll them up, and then people knew what the problem was. I wish I could have found a rock to hide under last night, but seriously I don't think there was a rock big enough for this embarrassing moment!

Great laughs!

"Let's eat and be healthy" and wear BELTS!



Aline said...

awesomw!!! lol what a great feeling! i wish it will happened to me!

thanks to answer!

it was my WI today... great time & excited until i was on the scale... i lose nothing.. any gram.. honesty i don't know why i continue!!! it's been 4 weeks now that i've been carfull (i say that cause the first week i count my daily point wrong so i was under every days..) and i didn't loose one gram!!!! what's the problem with me?? anyway.. i don't know right now which option i will choose: stop or keep going...

by the way don't be offense if i erease your comment on my blog, i will put them to an other place until i make a new blog cause i really don't want my family knows..

you do a really good job, keep going!!! you can do it!

Pamela said...

Hi Nathan! Sorry I've been MIA lately!
I definitely know that I turn red in embarrassing situations and definitely want to hide under a rock. I don't handle embarrassment very well.
I love to bowl, too, and have often thought that a league would be fun.
I'm so sorry you were embarrassed about your shorts and had to worry about them all night! I can't imagine how hard that must have been, but you should be so proud of yourself! That is a terrific non scale victory and is an obvious sign that you're doing great!