Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Have More Friends Today Then Yesterday!

I have more friends today then I did yesterday. What I really meant to say is that today at the gym I felt there was more of a mix of people then usually. Nothing against the people that go to my gym, but at 630am usually I find a lot of retirees. At 730am I find a lot of stay at home wives. If I go later, it is a great mix, and if I go earlier than 630am I usually find myself around a lot of business men and woman along with the occasional “meat head”. Here nor there, I just found it to really be interesting after 3 months of my new lifestyle that there would be a different mix especially on a holiday week. Of course I had my retirees but I also had a decent mix of younger people like me (which always leave the option of possible eye candy). It was a great feeling to see all these people out and working out so early in the morning. I just didn’t understand where they came from. I expect a huge pick up in membership at the beginning of 2009 as people will set goals for 2009. Then soon after 2 months I will see these new influx of friends slowly disappear as they go back to their way of life. I had to write about it as I really was shocked that I had more friends today then I did yesterday!

“Let’s eat and be healthy”


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