Monday, November 24, 2008

Is there a Polite Way to Release Air?

Now before you decide to dive into this entry please know that this is a guy writing this blog, and I sometimes write about guy things, even though they apply to everyday life for both males and females. Here we go with the entry. Is there a polite way to release air? What the title fails to mention is I’m referring to the thing that no one likes to talk about, that we all do each and probably every day, and that is “passing gas”. Is there a polite way to do this. Now before most of you say, yes go to the bathroom. Let me lay out the situation. Last night I was home working on my weekly goals, and that is too cook a couple of meals this week. I’m home with my Weight Watchers Cook Book the one that is Take Out Tonight, or something close to that. Anyways I found this great recipe for Turkey Enchilada Casserole. I made this recipe which I will supply in another entry for all of you. I ate it for dinner last night, and then went to work out this morning. Here I am all excited about this workout, and I get on my elliptical. I’m on there for about 12 minutes when I realize I need to release air. I mean I don’t want to get off, but what am I to do. I mean seriously do I actually get off my machine and clean it off and go all the way down the stairs to the men’s room to release this air. Boy what a possible long journey to just release some air. Let’s face it for those who go to a gym, you know when you walk in you can smell the sweat…LOL….Here I am in the debate of my life to either make a decision where I will have to endure the pain, or feel the possible shame. Well I have to say right or wrong, yes or no, I had to endure the possible shame, as I affected the air quality for possible patrons of my gym. Now there was no one in my general area, but who knows whether or not you could smell that air in another place.

My question I pose to my readers is how would you handled yourself?

“Let’s eat and be healthy”



Lynne said...

Well might want to start carrying those pocket size air fresheners for occasions just like the one you described, LOL. I plead the 5th!

Pamela said...

LOL I'm also not quite sure what the solution to that situation is... :o)

Estela said...

LOL... good question and I'm sure you are not going to get to many responses of confession. However, sometimes when I do my ab work out (floor crunches and the like) I accidently release a bit of gas... if it's quiet I say nothing, but if it's loud I utter a louder "excuse me!" and just keep working out.