Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turkey Challenge

For those who didn't know I joined a Turkey Challenge. Well I set 3 goals for myself. Listed below are my goals and also my current standings. Let's take a look:

Goal 1 To lost 15 lbs

Goal 2 To walk 70 miles

Goal 3 To organize and clean my house 15 minutes a day for a total of 960 minutes before Thanksgiving.

Here are my current standings:Goal 1 -21lbs/15lbs

Goal 2 141.67/70 Met this goal

Goal 3 558m/960m Still have a lot to do here!

I have met 2 of my 3 goals with only 15 days left to Thanksgiving. I will really have to work hard at goal 3, and it is my weakiest habit. Well root for me, to keep this great Challenge Going!

"Let's eat and be healthy"



GirlOnAMission said...

Hey Nathan! Congrats on your WI this week! I wish I had lost that much, but I'll take what I can get! My losses are starting to slow down a little bit as my body gets used to the diet, but I'm hoping extra time in the gym will help kickstart bigger losses. Great work on your Turkey Challenge too! You're not just meeting your goals, you're blowing them out of the water!

havie said...

Congrats on your WI this week! You really do sound like the commercials! That's great!

My WI day is Wednesday (Tuesday for you cause I live in New Zealand).

I just started WW a month ago and I've lost 9 lbs already! I was a little doubtful at first, but I'm so glad I joined. i'd love it if you stopped by my blog occasionally, and I definitely will be back here!

Lynne said...

WTG Nathan. Sounds like you are very dedicated. You are an inspiration!

Aline said...

hey! i'm a friends of havalah, and she make me discovered your blog..

congrat' for your WI this week! sounds good!
that really encouraging to read your blog so i will be back!!!

i would say that i'm looking forward to have news from you on my blog but it's in french and i didn't put anything about WW cause my family and friend back home don't know about it.. (it's a surprise for when i will see my boyfriend again, so hopefully i will meet my goal...)

but anyway, maybe see ya on my blog or definitly on yours!

(my WI is tomorrow and i'm really excited to see if i lost weight!)