Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taste Of Home Healthy Cooking

I don't what is with my obsession with magazines about health. I guess when you are dedicated to something like I am to my journey, you do get obsessed. Anyways I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up another magazine. Taste Of Home Healthy Cooking. I'm going to give you my view on this magazine. The issue that I picked up was the Special Holiday Issue that is to be sold until January 12, 2009. I guess I expected this magazine to have the same format of Weight Watchers did in theirs. Actually not even close. This magazine gives you about 75 different recipes of foods you will want. There are recipes for Chicken Pot Pie for about 9 points which is a complete meal to Beef Stew which is only 7 points per serving. I know these may sound high, but this is your whole dinner. There are some great low point desserts and appetizers in here. I really thought the magazine did an awesome job with the recipes. Where this magazine lacks is articles about healthy cooking or healthy alternatives to your every day recipes. If you are looking for a bundle of cheap recipes, this is your resource.

Get it for only $3.99

I give it 4 Stars out of 5 Stars!

"Let's eat and be healthy"


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Estela said...

One of the magazines I like is called "Cooking Light." It does have articles on how to cook lighter, exercise, recipes, etc. What it doesn't have are before and after pictures.. but it does have a before and after recipe (someone sends in a family favorite and they lighten it up).