Friday, November 14, 2008

I Got Hit On!

I went to Olive Garden the other night after doing some Christmas Shopping with my aunt and uncle. We were seated by this guy, and then we started to look over the menus. Our server came over named "Rene" (Just trying to hide her identity) came over, and went over the menu. I asked for the Garden Fare menu, and I looked through it. I started to fixed my wallet that was filled with Christmas Money, and she came back. Rene asked if that was all for her, and I said "it could be?" Rene said I like how you put that, I replied, I like to leave my options open! Rene turned to me and said I like a guy who leaves his options open. It was from there that everytime Rene came to the table she would speak to me, and she started to flirt with me. From the winks, to the taps to other such motions! At the end she asked if I was on any special plan, and I explained my weight loss along with WW. We got into a long conversation about WW. As I was walking out Rene walked along side me and said maybe you should come in by yourself next time so we can talk. I have to say, that it felt really good to get hit on!

"Let's eat and healthy"


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Pamela said...

OMG that's so cool! I'm sure that was a great feeling! I'm so naive that I probably wouldn't know if someone was hitting on me. Although, in your situation, the comment about coming in by yourself was pretty obvious!